Ronald P. Rohner, Director of the Center, is Executive Director and former president of the International Society for Interpersonal Acceptance and Rejection. He received the American Psychological Association (APA) Award for Distinguished Contributions to the International Advancement of Psychology in 2004. He also received the APA Outstanding International Psychologist Award from the USA for 2008, and the APA Henry David International Mentoring Award in 2017. Visit Dr. Rohner’s faculty webpage.


Nancy Nancy Rohner, Executive Assistant
ali s Sumbleen Ali, Graduate Research Assistant
laila Laila Almotwaly, Undergraduate Research Assistant




Gabriela Disla-Saurez, Undergraduate Research Assistant

Diversity Statement: The Rohner Center celebrates ethno-racial and cultural diversity both in its employment policy and in its program of multicultural research and application. In the last two academic years (2018-2020), for example, the Center has employed students who are African American, Egyptian, European American, Hispanic, and Pakistani. The Senior Scientist in the Rohner Center is Bangladeshi-American.