William Bernet (USA)

William Bernet, M.D., graduated from Holy Cross College, summa cum laude, and Harvard Medical School.  He is a professor emeritus at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, Nashville, Tennessee, USA.  Dr. Bernet is a child psychiatrist and forensic psychiatrist; he has testified as an expert in forensic psychiatry about 300 times in 24 states. His interest in IPARTheory relates to his focus on parental alienation, which sometimes occurs when there is a high level of conflict between divorced parents. That is, severely alienated children have measurable defects in the way they assess parental acceptance and rejection.  In 2007, Dr. Bernet and Judge Don R. Ash published Children of Divorce: A Practical Guide for Parents, Therapists, Attorneys, and Judges.  Dr. Bernet edited Parental Alienation, DSM-5, and ICD-11, which was published in 2010.  Dr. Bernet and his colleagues edited Parental Alienation: The Handbook for Mental Health and Legal Professionals, which was published in 2013. He and Dr. Demosthenes Lorandos edited Parental Alienation—Science and Law, to be published in 2020.  Dr. Bernet was the founder and first president of the Parental Alienation Study Group.


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