Fauzia Naz (Pakistan)

Fauzia Naz, PhD, is currently working as Principal, Government Post-Graduate Islamia College, Cooper Road, Lahore, Pakistan. She completed her PhD exploring parental acceptance-rejection and psychological maladjustment (through use of the Personality Assessment Questionnaire; PAQ) as covariates of childhood abuse in girls with Somatic Symptoms Disorders in Pakistan. She has also translated five IPARTheory measures into Urdu. She has twenty-five publications, including nine on IPARTheory. Fauzia completed her postdoctoral research in the United Kingdom in 2017. Her research focuses on parenting styles in relation to comorbid psychopathology in adolescents, healthy and health-risk behaviors in young adults, learning and functioning difficulties in children with special needs, and occupational stress and coping behaviors in working personnel with multiple responsibilities. Finally, she has expertise in the development of assessment measures, exploring psychometric properties, and complex analyses (AMOS). She is presently the editor of the Interpersonal Acceptance Newsletter.


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