Carrie Brown (USA, Mohegan Tribal Nation)

Course Faculty

Department of Psychology, Western Governors University, Utah

Carrie Brown, Ph.D., Course Faculty in Psychology at Western Governors University, Utah. Carrie’s research interests include the psychosocial correlates of interpersonal acceptance and rejection. She earned her doctorate in experimental psychology (with a concentration in developmental psychology) from Saint Louis University, Missouri. She has mentored many undergraduate students to successfully conduct IPARTheory research, inspiring them to continue academic careers. She has been deeply involved in the International Society for Interpersonal Acceptance and Rejection (ISIPAR), and she co-edited Expanding Horizons: Current Research on Interpersonal Acceptance (2012). She was also the inaugural Faculty Advisor to ISIPAR’s Student Advisory Committee. Carrie is currently ISIPAR’s Regional Representative to North America.

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